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Suitable for speaker stands of the PAST-200 series and PAST-250 series. Also suitable for general use for stands with a tube diameter of 35 mm..
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Housing design: 1 U..
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" "..
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" "..
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Miniature PA horn tweeter, 50 W, 8 ΩLinear and wide bandwidth reproductionHigh power capability due to ferrofluidTechnical specifications HT-30Impedance (Z): 8 ΩFrequency range: fx-20 kHzResonant frequency (fs): 2 kHzRec. crossov. frequ. (fmax.) (12 dB/oct.): 5 kHzPower rating (RMS): 50 WPeak music ..
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Nylon bag for microphones, with soft inner lining and solid zip fastener.For storing and transporting microphones. Dimensions: 22 x 14 cmDescription: microphone bagColour: blackMaterial: nylonSuitable for: microphonesAdmiss. ambient temp.: 0-40 °CDimensions: 220 x 140 mmWeight: 47 gPacking unit: 1..
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Replacement voice coil, for MHD-230/RD, MHD-230/SQ and MHD-240...
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Replacement voice coil, for tweeters of the speaker systems PAB-108MK2, PAB-110MK2, PAB-112MK2 and PAK-108MK2, PAK-110MK2, PAK-112MK2...
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" "..
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" "..
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Microphone pop filter, for studio applications.Fabric coveringAdjustable metal armStand clamp..
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Electret tie clip microphone, with power supply adapter.Microphone cartridge with omnidirectional polar patternRemovable clipSupplied with phantom power supply adapter EMA-20Connection via 3.5 mm plugSupplied w/o 1.5 V battery AAA sizeMatching replacement microphone windshield WS-10 is availabl..
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For transporting and storing lighting standsDimensions: 155 x 20 x 25 cmDescription: tripod bagColour: blackMaterial: nylonSuitable for: lighting standAdmiss. ambient temp.: 0-40 °CDimensions: 155 x 20 x 25 cmLength: 155 cmWeight: 580 g..
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Microphone mixerQuick method to mix three microphones to one microphone input and still allow for individual level adjustment.3 mono microphone channels (6.3 mm jack) with separate level control each1 mono output via 3 m connection cable with 6.3 mm plugPassive operation, no power supply requiredCan..
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PA speaker holder for 2 loudspeakers. Heavy steel version, painted black. Suitable for tripods with standard diameter. Load capacity 2x15 kg. Width 100 cm...
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Desktop microphone standDiecast baseTiltable tubeAdjustable height: 375-590 mmThread: 16 mm (⅝") and 9 mm (⅜")Weight: 1.87 kg..
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Desktop microphone stand/floor standBlack lacqueredShock-absorbingVariable boom (arm length: 375 mm)Adjustable height: 365-550 mmThread: 16 mm (⅝") and 9 mm (⅜")Weight: 2.5 kg..
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Pair of universal supports, robust plastic version.For wall mounting or ceiling suspension of speaker systemsPivoting and tiltingTooth locking mechanism, to be secured with hexagon socket screwsMax. load/central weight concentration: 8 kgDimensions mounting flange: 82 x 58 mm, mounting plate: 82 x 5..
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" "..
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Table rack, with a total of 8 RS.Vertical version for accepting 482 mm (19") devices which require horizontal mounting, e.g. CD playersBlack lacquered..
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" "..
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MD-480 Stereo headphones For general applications Compact design Closed system Padded ear cushions and headband 1.2 m cable with single-sided cable inlet 3.5 mm plug with 6.3 mm adapter..
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PA horn tweeter, 30 W, 8 ΩVery compact and lightweight horn tweeterNEODYMIUM drive system with ferrofluid coolingTitanium coneRound ABS plastic horn front attachment with a very linear reproduction of low distortionHigh efficiencyInteresting tweeter for DJ and PA applicationsFor speaker systems of h..
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" "..
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Matching the wireless 2-channel microphone systemTXS-812SET.Carrier frequency range: 863.80 MHzAudio frequency range: 50-15,000 HzHeadband microphone and tie clip microphone, eachwith latchable 3.5 mm plugVolume controlBelt clipPower LEDPower supply via 2 x 1.5 V battery AA size(not supplied)Transmi..
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