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The ah PAD series is designed to isolate studio monitors acoustically, i.e., avoid disturbing resonances with the surface on which they stand, which results in a significantly improved sound. The two-component design results in three possible combinations (horizontal placement + two different angles..
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Specifications:Weight and dimensions including packagingWeight (incl. packaging)806 grDimensions (incl. packaging)50.0 x 2.5 x 50.0 cmProduct specifications:4 acoustic-isolation panelsNeutral recording surroundingsFor studio, rehearsals, vocal booths, HiFi, home cinema, speaker construction, etc.Tec..
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ADAM HALL Eggbox, 200 x 100 cm
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" "..
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Designed to reduce sound reflections and unwanted reverberation's, making for better recordings and tighter mixes.Ideal for recording studios, home-cinema and vocal booths, etc. helps improve the overall soundPerfect for permanent or temporary installations, using either hook and loop or spray adhes..
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EQ Acoustics Project Corner TrapsProject Corner Traps absorb sound energy where it is most intense: the corners of your studio.With a lot of modern music it’s the low frequencies that excite us most. How many musical styles are pretty-much defined by the bass line? We engineers and producers know th..
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EQ Acoustics Classic Wedge 60 B - 60cm Foam Tile - Blue (8 Pack)The EQ Acoustics Classic Wedge 60 B is a pack of 8 blue 60x60cm acoustic foam tiles ideal for your recording studio, vocal booth, home cinema etc. Classic Wedge 60 tiles reduce unwanted reverberation and sound reflections resulting in b..
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EQ Acoustics Project Trap - 30x60cm Foam Corner Trap - Grey (2 Pack)The Grey EQ Acoustics Project Corner Traps absorb sound energy in the corners of your studios, the place where it is most intense. The Project Corner Traps help you hear what the low frequencies are really doing so you can create be..
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