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THE HEARTBEAT OF YOUR SETUPUnlock limitless creativity with the SQUID™ multitrack sequencer. Part of our TORAIZ™ series of musical instruments and production equipment, this inspiration tool will be the heartbeat of your studio and live setups. The SQUID will control your workflow and give you the c..
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DEVELOP UNIQUE SOUNDSThe second musical instrument in our TORAIZ range, the AS-1 is a monophonic analog synthesizer that brings new creative possibilities to the studio and the stage. Its intuitive controls include parameter knobs that let you make both subtle and dramatic changes to the tone of you..
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ELEVATE THE STANDARDAdd the DJS-1000 to your DJ set-up to intuitively create unique sounds and phrases in advance of your set, or on the fly. Use the DJ-friendly interface to sequence and loop your samples as you wish.With a 7-inch full-colour touch screen, 16 multicoloured step input keys, multicol..
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MAKE IT YOUR OWNThe TORAIZ SP-16 sampler and step sequencer is the first in our line-up of music production tools for DJs and producers. We’ve partnered with the legendary synth creator Dave Smith to add his Prophet-6 analogue filters, so you can give your creations a rich, analogue warmth and prese..
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