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The ES Series is the result of experience gained from dBTechnologies in the acoustic design of vertical array systems like DVA T Series and MINI. The components of the top are aligned mechanically (Logarithmic Curved Column Array) so as to increase the coverage of the vertical beam. Furthermore, the..
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ES503 is a 1000W Power Amp Peak sound system composed by 2 slave 4x 3” full-range tops and 1 master 12” subwoofer. dBTechnologies’s components and design allow an amazing SPL/size ratio: 95x355x137 mm and 1.9 kg for the tops and 465x400x430mm 16,4 kg for the subwoofer for an overall 121 db SPL. The ..
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Should an existing CURV 500® Entertainer Set need to be upgraded because, for example, more power is required in the bass range, the Power Extension Set is the right choice. The portable array system then turns into a Power Set. Visually aligned with the award-winning CURV 500® design, the Extension..
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The CURV 500® Entertainer Set consists of a high-performance 10" bass reflex subwoofer and an easily configurable array system with four satellites. Featuring a power of 460 watts RMS and a maximum sound pressure level of 128 dB, the CURV 500® ES Set is the ideal sound system for small events or con..
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ES1002 comes with 1 subwoofer and 1 column top, both powered by a class D DIGIPRO G3 amplifier delivering 1800 W peak.The top satellite is equipped with 8x4” mid-woofers, whose alignment allows an asymmetrical vertical coverage, avoiding any useless dispersion of the sound above the audience. Mo..
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ES1203 is a 3-amped stereo sound system composed by 2 passive wooden tops and one active wooden subwoofer equipped with 2X12” woofers. The sub hosts last-generation Digipro G4® 2400W Peak amp. A powerful DSP (controlled by an intuitive user interface placed on the top of the sub) manages all functio..
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If more power is required, the patented CURV 500® Power Set can provide a power of 920 watts RMS and a maximum sound pressure of 134 dB. Two subwoofers and eight satellites offer all the advantages of the CURV 500® System and have sufficient power reserves for larger events or applications with high..
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