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Headshell mountingSpherical stylusLow vinyl wearoutExcellent sound characteristicsAppropriate for scratchingSturdy constructionTECHNICAL DATAFrequency range: 20 Hz - 22 kHzOutput voltage (5 cm/s): 4 mVTracking force range: 1,75 - 2,25 gRecommended tracking force: 2 gWeight: 5 g..
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CARBONThe Rega Carbon is a high quality, moving magnet pick-up cartridge designed to be simple to set up, easy to install and above all, accurately reproduce music.Supplied as standard on the multi-award-winning Planar 1 and Planar 2 turntables, the Carbon performs far beyond its entry level price t..
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Direct SME mountingSpherical stylusLow vinyl wearoutExcellent sound characteristicsSturdy constructionTECHNICAL DATAFrequency range: 20 Hz - 18 kHzOutput voltage (5 cm/s): 8 mVTracking force range: 3 - 5 gRecommended tracking force: 4 g..
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Allround cartridge system with many applicationsSpecial spherical stylusBalanced sound, slight accentuation of the bass rangeCan also be used for scratchingLow vinyl wearoutEasy tonearm installation through direct SME mountingMade by OrtofonTECHNICAL DATAFrequency range: 20 Hz - 18 kHzOutput voltage..
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Especially recommended for club and studio environmentSpecial elliptical stylusSuperb sound quality with flat frequency responseMaximum contact with the record grooveVery high output voltage for energetic, powerful soundEasy tonearm installation through direct SME mountingMade by OrtofonTECHNICAL DA..
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DL-110To get the maximum enjoyment out of your vinyl collection, check out the DL-110 phono cartridge. Its high output allows you to use it interchangeably with a moving magnet phono input. The DL-110 has a way of getting into the grooves and extracting the information contained therein with total a..
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Denon's classic cartridge, the DL-103, has been an industry standard for decades. Providing smooth response in many Hi-Fi systems, the DL-103 gives a pleasing sound and brings out the full detail of audio performances...
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EXACTThe Exact is the top tier of our handmade moving magnet range of cartridges. Built to the tightest achievable tolerances and using an advanced ‘Vital’ profile, (a complex fine line micro-ground from a rectangular diamond billet). This advanced profile is guaranteed to extract more music from yo..
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DL-103RThe DL-103R is an updated version of the classic DL-103. It provides improved sound by using 6N copper coils wound with precision to the cantilever shaft. Audio lovers will delight with detail that is brought out by this outstanding phono cartridge.FeaturesType: MCOutput voltage: 0.25 mVFrequ..
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ANIAThe Ania was inspired by the success of our Apheta and Aphelion MC models. Ania uses the same complex hand wound micro coil found in the rest of the range, and is housed in a unique PPS highly rigid body. This body is an exceptionally accurate design that includes Rega’s three point fixing to op..
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ANIA PROThe latest member of our Rega MC cartridge range the Ania Pro uses our advanced Vital profile nude diamond stylus. This profile is designed to extract as much detail from the vinyl surface as possible. The Ania Pro delivers tight bass warm mid-ranges and accurate top end frequencies to offer..
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